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That’s right! For a limited time, unlock your phone for FREE! or for a 50% REFUND *Please ask us first which models qualify for 100% or 50% off the original price. is offering a limited time promotion where you can unlock your phone absolutely FREE or for 50% off!


We are looking for people to help us make instructional videos on


These videos will consist of how to order the unlock code, receive the unlock code by email and then entering code into your phone.




Here's how it works





After getting your unlock code make a quick video of the unlocking process and explain how your received the code.  

Make sure to include the following:


a). show how you got your IMEI number by pressing *#06# on your phone


b). show our url on the screen


c). say how you received your unlock code and instructions by email from us


d). and show you entering the unlock code into the phone, and successfully unlocking it!






Upload the video to


a). Write a short description of the unlocking process.  In the description you must include the keywords: unlock code, your phones model,  

and your phones network.


Here is an example of how to write the description:


This is a video of how to unlock a blackberry Z10 from AT&T by unlock code. I got my unlock code from


To unlock your Z10 you do the following:


1. Input a non accepted simcard into the phone.

2. The phone will ask you to enter the unlock code.

3. Enter the unlock code.


Your Blackberry Z10 is now unlocked. Thats it! Thanks!



b). In the title of the video you must include "How to unlock ___________ (network phone is locked to) ___________(your phones model) to use with ___________ (network you will use it with)


For example: How to unlock an AT&T Blackberry Z10 to use with T-Mobile



c). Tags you need to put at least 5 tags, For Example:


Unlock Blackberry Z10, Blackberry, Z10, At&t Z10, Blackberry Unlock Code, Guide, Instructions, How to Tutorial






Email us the URL on and the email address you used to make the paypal payment when ordering your code.


After you email us we will refund you the full amount paid to place your initial order within 24 hours.






* Quality of the video and sound should be good enough for us to see and hear clearly

* Valid for as many phones as you want to unlock!



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